Thursday, November 5, 2015

Working Hard

Good morning all of my wonderful friends
Well it is 10:18am here in San Rafael, CA and it’s starting to get warmer now, it was a cold one last night and this morning, I’m happy that it got warmer.  Anyway I’ve been working hard on my blog, “A Wiccan House’s”, but what I did was , I changed the name now it called, “ A Witch’s Life” I changed it because the name before I had for years, and now I needed something that will be more suited for it. Because it’s my Day in the Life blog, I have two blogs, the other one is called, “Amethyst Magick”. I’m going to used that one to post things of Magick, like, Spells, Rituals, anything that is magickal and even DIYs.  So stay tuned for that.
I’m going to say Marry Part. So I can work on my blog some more. I’m sending you all of my Love and Positive energy. Until we meet again.


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