Friday, May 14, 2010

Salsa Borracha (Drunken Salsa)

I found this recipe  in the News Paper and I thought that I would like to try in and see if it's taste good, so I thought I would put It on my blog. so I can share it with anyone who Read's my blog. Is there any other reason. So here It is and I hope you enjoy Thanks

8 dried pasilla chillies or dried anchor chilies
1 cup fresh orange juice
1/2 cup golden tequila
1 garlic clove, minced
1/4 cup olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1/4 cup crumbled anejo cheese of feta cheese

Cook the chilies in a dry saute pan over high heat turning constantly until slightly toasted, about2 minutes. Remove from the seeds. Tear them into small pieces and add them to a blender.

Add the orange juice, tequila, garlic and olive oil to the blender. Puree the salsa and add it to the saute pan used to toast the salsa with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Cool completely. Transfer to a serving bowl and top with crumbled anejo cheese.

NOTE: The ancho chili is a dried poblano chili, It is also as "pasilla" or "Chile negro." Anejo is a salty, crumbly cheese that is generally sprinkled on top of enchiladas, burritos and tacos. It can be substituted with feta cheese. The chilies and the anejo can be found in some supermarkets, Latin specialty markets or online.

There is now magick in this recipe but you can make it into one if you like...)0(

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Wiccan Mothers

Spiritual Gift Giving

So your mother is Wiccan, you want to get her something special and are finding it hard to come up with good ideas. Worry no more, here is a list of gift ideas that every Wiccan woman would love receiving on Mother's Day.

Chakra Supplies - These are great personal items to give to your mother on Mother's Day. Stock her up on chakra scarves, solarizing bottles, crystals, kits and chakra jewelry and you won't go wrong.

Witchy T-Shirts - Witch Way Gifts online has some of the coolest witchy t-shirts for Mother's, wiccan or not, including a Bewitched Salem shirt. Witchy t-shirts can be easily found online as well as in local Pagan stores. Not only are these inexpensive gifts but they are way cool.

Pendulums - If your mother is into divination then she'd love a new pendulum. Pendulums come in a variety of stones, each with a different use. Select one that she doesn't already have to add to her collection.

Altar Cloth - Altar cloths make wonderful gifts as they can easily double as a Tarot cloth. You can even find instructions online for making your own elemental altar cloth and there is no better gift than the one you make yourself.

Potted Herbs - Part of working magic is the use of fresh herbs. Many Wiccans prefer to grow their own herbs so a gift of small potted herbs would be the perfect addition to her garden.

Gift Cards - When you can't figure out what the best gift would be for your Wiccan mother give her a gift card. I'm sure she'd love to be able to go on a shopping spree at Enchanted Jewelry dot com, the Earth Spirit Emporium or some other local magic shop. Barnes and Nobles even has a good selection of Wiccan reading materials, tarot cards and runes.

Candles - Wiccans use candles in spell work and rituals so it is only natural that a Wiccan mother will love candles. Colored candles are often best because they represent different elements and deities. Tapered candles are best and have extra special meaning when anointed with oil.

Blank Journal - These make perfect gives for all mothers not just Wiccan ones, however Wiccans use them to write spells in, keep track of dreams or just jot down daily thoughts.

Dream catchers - It is believed that dreams float around in the air and that having a dream catcher helps them find where they are going. Give your Wiccan mother a dream catcher this Mother's Day and she'll rest assured that all good dreams come her way.

Saches - Don't be afraid to make your own saches. Fill small gossamer bags with potpourrie with the intent of happiness or love.

Rose Soul Mate Spell

Rose Soul Mate Spell

May 7

Color of the day: Purple
Incense of the day: Violet

Clean and sterilize a small, attractive jar with a cap. Set it upon a large, flat piece of stone. Put the jar in the center with rose petals, and get some carrier oil such as almond, jojoba, and rose essential oil. Place two red candles on either side of the stone and light them. Sit down and fill the jar with rose petals. Pour some carrier oil into the jar—enough to cover the petals—and add rose essential oil. Secure the jar with the cap. While shaking it gently, recite:

Rose petals of north, east, south, and west,

Hereby a soul mate I request, As I will, so mote it be.

Store the oil in a dark cupboard. This love oil can be used for anointing magical paraphernalia to do with love spells or dabbed over the body as a soft layering scent under your favorite perfume before going out.

It's Mother's Day

Well Sunday is Mother's Day and I don't know what I'm gonna do for my Mother, I can buy her some flowers and I know that she would like that alot, My Mother would like anything that I do for her on this special day, she would just be happy as long that I'm around her. So what are you gonna do for your mother and make it a special one because we only have one mother and we must be happy. So to all you Mother's out there Happy Mother's Day

It's Been a Minute

Wow, it's been a minute since I posted anything here, and I'm so sorry, but I'm back and ready to start this month with a BANG! ...