Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Wiccan Bag and What I keep in it

This is what my bag looks like and I just wanted to share with you, I keep all of the thing that I will need for the day, you never know just when you need to do a quick spell.

This is what I like to keep in it.
I keep a bottle of spring water, I use a reusable bottle for Tupperware.
I also keep a candle, a white one.
and my tarot cards, a refinance book, so I can look up something if I need too,
I keep a small cauldron, my big one will be to heavy lol,
and some incense, a lighter, and what ever that I think that I will need at the time, it constantly changes but that is what I have in it right now..
So Many Blessing
Blessed Be
Samantha )0(

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