Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Went on a road trip

Today was a lond day on the bus, not Grayhound but the city bus, I had to go and see my Mother, I don't drive so that ia why I had to take the bus, it was long, about 2 hour there and back. When I got on the bus then I realized that the batterys on my MP3 palyer was dyeing, I was so sad about that, but you know that the univers pervides, and thats what she did, I found a battery in my puers, so my trip was full of joy...Blesses Be! so never let little things get you down, just ask the Goddess and as long as good for you she will bless you with it. )0(


Supplies needed:

Green Candle
Quartz and Onyx stones
Lavender Oil
Alter Oil
4 Pennies.


Carve the name or type of job you desire (for me it was the name of the store I had worked at previously, this spell was to get that job back) consecrate your candle with alter oil and cinnamon. Place candle in candle holder and place in the middle of a dish, now sprinkle the cinnamon on and around the candle, place the Quartz and Onyx stones around dish also, pennies are also placed around the dish. Burn Lavender Oil, now say this spell while visualising having your job, and really feel that you will have this job, do not doubt this spell. let the candle burn all the way down.

At this time and in this hour,
I call upon the ancient powers,
of the Lord and Lady
I light this candle and
say this spell and ask of thee,
please bring my old job back to me,
with harm to none
as you will it
so mote it be!

Computer Blessing

(It's OK to laugh) Blessings on this fine machine, 
May its data all be clean. 
Let the files stay where they're put, 
Away from disk drives keep all soot. 
From its screen shall come no whines, 
Let in no spikes on power lines. 
As oaks were sacred to the Druids, 
Let not the keyboard suffer fluids. 
Disk Full shall be nor more than rarity, 
The memory shall not miss its parity. 
From the modem shall come wonders, 
Without line noise making blunders. 
May it never catch a virus, 
And all its software stay desirous. 
Oh let the printer never jam, 
And turn my output into spam. 
I ask of Eris, noble queen, 
Keep Murphy far from this machine. 

Solitary Moon Rite

 This rite may be used for either New or Full Moon. The difference is in your meditation and mental attitude in preparation. Remember that the New Moon is a time of outward work and thought, building to the peak which is the Full Moon. 
     At the Full Moon, you should be preparing to lessen the outward flow of energy, bit by bit, until the period before New Moon, during which you are passive, building a pool of energy within you, in preparation for the New Moon. 
     The altar should be placed in the center of the ritual area. On it should be placed a rose or stick of incense on the eastern side, a red votive candle to the South; a cup of water on the West, and a bowl of salt or living plant on the North. Around your ritual area, you should place an unlighted candle at the cardinal point of each direction. 
     To begin your rite, enter your darkened temple, carrying one burning candle, white or lavender, with you. Place it on the center of your altar, sit, and meditate on the meaning of the rite. When you feel the time is right, stand, and go to the eastern point, carrying with you, the burning taper. Light the votive at the eastern point and go to the southern, picturing, as you do, an arc of pure strong light curving from one candle to the next. Continue to the West, and then to the North, lighting the candles as you go, and then walk to your eastern candle again, having formed a circle of protective light surrounding the area in which you worship. Return to the center of the circle, replace the candle on the altar, and say: 

"My Lady of the Moon, who is called Diana, 
Artemis, Levanah, Isis and by any other names, 
I come to you to bring you my love and my devotion. 
May you grant me the joy of your presence." 
     Mentally divide the room into four quadrants by visualizing a line of silvery moonlight from the southeast to the northwest, and from the northeast to the southwest. Go the East, taking with you the rose or incense. Say: 
"Sweet Goddess, 
the gentle breeze is the touch of your loving hand, 
the wind of storm a reminder of your strength. 
The sound of the trees in the wind is your voice, 
and the fragrance of flowers borne on the wind is your gift of beauty." 
     Place the rose next to the votive candle, then stand there as you picture the quadrant filling with moonlight. See the moonlight streaming quietly and gently into the room, filling the quadrant from center point to the edge of your circle. When this is complete, take the red candle to the South. Place the gift and see the quadrant fill with moonlight. Say: 
"Most loved Lady, 
the light of the candle is a guide along our path leading to you; 
its warmth the reassurance of your presence and your love. 
The light of the Sun is the knowledge you impart to us, 
driving out ignorance and those things which can survive only in darkness." 
     At the West: 
"Lovely One,
the quiet pool is the serenity of your being. 
The vast sea where life began on this planet 
is the vast sea of your being whence all life came; 
its waves are the ebb and flow of the universe you rule." 
     At the North: 
"Goddess of all, 
the fertility of the earth is a sign of your fertility, whence all life rose. 
The solidity and permanence are still of it are still less than yours. 
The Earth's fertility feeds our bodies, and your fertility feeds our souls." 
     Go to the center of your temple, which is now filled with moonlight. Everything in the circle is touched by it, blessed by it, including you. Sit down and feel this moonlight around you. Know that it is the Goddess. Realize that you are in the center of a sphere of light that is half above and half above and half below where you sit. 
     Begin to breathe slowly and evenly, deep breaths that penetrate your whole body. When this rhythmic breathing becomes natural, imagine that the moonlight by which you are surrounded enters you, fills you entirely. With each exhalation of your breath, some of the essence of yourself leaves your body, and with each inhalation, the light enters you. You are being filled ever so gently with this beautiful light. This light, which is the presence, the being of the Goddess, is within you as well as without. With each breath, you are less yourself and more the Goddess. When you are filled with light, filled with the Goddess, the shell of your body fades away. You have no body; there is nothing to separate you from the entire being of the Goddess. Nothing exists but the being of which you are apart. You have ceased to be a separate entity. You are nothing and everything. All that was, that is, and all that will be, you are. Enjoy this feeling as long as you like. 
     When you feel it is time, picture the outer shell of your physical body reforming, becoming solid again. It is being built out of the Universe of which you are a part. Now, as you continue your slow deep breathing, see the moonlight flowing out of your body, as gently and slowly as it entered. As it flows out, realize there is a difference. Because you have become one with the Goddess, with the Universe, your being has changed. As the moonlight flows out of your body, it takes with it a part of that which was yourself, now part of the Goddess, and leaves behind a part of the Goddess, forever now part of you. You become yourself again, solid as you were, but changed. You are surrounded by the presence of the Goddess, which now contains a part of yourself . Move again to the East. As you speak, and after, picture the moon- light in that quadrant flowing back to its source, leaving that quadrant as it was. Do this at each quadrant, until all the moonlight has returned to the Moon. 
     At the East: 
"My Lady, guide my thoughts. 
Let them lead always closer to you." 
     At the South: 
"Gracious Goddess, guide my actions. 
Let them always help and never harm others or myself." 
     At the West: 
"Lovely One, guide my emotions: 
Let them be healing and touched always by you." 
     At the North: 
"Sweet Goddess, 
let my mind always be fertile and strong, 
that I may grow always toward you." 
     Return to the East to complete the circle and say: 
"Queen of Heaven, 
I thank you for your presence, 
both now and always. 
My love and devotion are yours. 
Blessed be! 
All spirits who have joined me tonight may depart, 
with my love. 
Return to your proper places." 
     Walk again around your circle, but this time counterclockwise, extinguishing the quadrant guards as you go, and at the same time, mentally erasing the white line which surrounded your circle. When the candles are out and the circle gone, rap on your altar and say:
"So mote it be!" 

Using A Cauldron

Using a cauldron, symbol of inspiration and rebirth, has brought new dimensions to both group and solitary work. A cauldron decorates the center of the Circle during Lesser Sabbats. An air cauldron at a spring rite creates a misty, magical quality for the ceremony. In summer, the cauldron will flash and spark. A blue flame burns mysteriously within the Water cauldron during the autumn festival. Throughout Yule, the Earth cauldron burns steadfast and constant. During moon rites, when magick is done, we write the purpose of our working on flash papers and toss them into the burning cauldron while chanting.

     A working cauldron should be of cast iron, with a tight-fitting lid, three sturdy legs, and a strong handle. Season your cauldron before using it for the first time. Pour in generous helping of salt and lighter fluid, slosh it up to the rim and wipe dry. For indoor use it MUST have a fireproof base or your workings will summon up yellow-coated salamander spirits from the fire department. 
EARTH Cauldron
   Layer salt, wax shavings, three powdered or ground herbs, lighter fluid and ivy leaves in the cauldron while focus and chanting. Use a candle to light it. When the smoke starts to roll, extinguish the cauldron by putting the lid on. 
AIR Cauldron  
     Using tongs, put a chunk of dry ice is a small glass or ceramic bowl and place the bowl on a cloth in the bottom of the cauldron. Allow the cauldron to smoke as long as the ice lasts. The mists create excellent images for scrying. 
FIRE Cauldron 
  Cover the inside bottom with dirt or sand to dissipate heat. Light incense charcoal and add either salt-peter for flame and spark or flash powder for a different but spectacular effect. To assist in releasing or firing off peak energy, try using flash "bombs". Make a small pocket in a piece of flash paper, fill with flash powder and tie with thread. The "bomb" should be about the size of your smallest fingernail. The results are spectacularly bright, so use the powder sparingly. Don't look directly at the flash as you drop the "bomb" in the cauldron. 
WATER Cauldron 
     At least seven days before the ritual, place equal quantities of three appropriate herbs in a pint glass jar. Fill the rest of the jar with Everclear (200 proof alcohol), cap tightly, and shake gently while concentrating on the purpose of the ritual. Add a chant if its feels right. Let the jar rest in a dark, warm spot and shake twice daily, charging with purpose. Before the ritual, place a fireproof ceramic or glass bowl in the cauldron. Pour in the herb mixture, being careful none spills into the cauldron. Light with a candle to produce a beautiful blue flame. 
     The cauldron, as the fifth elemental spirit, symbolizes inspiration, rebirth, illumination and rejuvenation. Use a Fire cauldron with salt-peter to cast a Circle. Use the mists of an Air cauldron for an initiation. Burn away hate, prejudice and negative self-images, with a Water cauldron. The Earth cauldron is ideal for indoor Beltane rites. 
     Remember to place a burning cauldron on a fireproof surface. Practice safety when using any volatile materials and you will enjoy your cauldron for many rites. 

Eclectic Circle Ceremony for Solitaries

Eclectic Circle Ceremony for Solitaries

Blessings upon thee, O creature of water, I cast out from thee all impurities and uncleanness of the spirits of phantasm, confusion, or any other influence not for the free will of all.
Blessings be upon this creature of salt; let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth thencefrom, and let all good enter therein. Wherefore I bless thee and invoke thee, that thou mayest aid me.
I take this salt of the Earth, Blessed with the will of Fire; I take this water of spirit,Exorcised with mind of merit; I mix them with words of power, Dedicated to every Tower.
By the power of moon and sun,
By the power of Spirit,earth and sea,
God and Goddess are part of One,
As I Will, so mote it be!

I conjure thee, O circle of power,
As thou encircle every Tower.
That thou beest a place of Truth, Joy and love,
Encircling Flight of Eagle, Hawk and Dove.
Mighty Aegis of the Lady and Lord,
Rampart of thought, action and word.
To Work in Peace, Powerful and Free,
Who walk between two worlds conjure thee;
A boundary to Protect, Concentrate and Contain,
That Power raised here be not in vain.
Wherefore do I bless thee and consecrate thee, in the names of Cernunnos and Aradia.

SEALING OF THE CIRCLE (seal with water/salt mixture)
With potion of earth and water, I seal the sacred circle,
Linking air and fire!
With potion of earth and air, I seal the sacred circle,
Linking fire with water!
With potion of earth,air,and fire, I seal the sacred circle,
Linking water with the Earth!
As the four directions are brought to merge,
Let influence of the mighty ones converge!

(Seal with Censer)
With Incense and air of Mind,
East to South,I do Bind!
With Incense and air of mind,
South to West, I do Bind!
With Incense and air of Mind,
West to North, I do Bind!
With Incense and air of Mind,
North to East Completion Find!

(Seal with Candle)
With the Fire of emotion and will
East to South, our dedication fulfill!
With the Fire of veneration and Will,
South to West, our allegiance fulfill!
With the Fire of Devotion and Will,
West to North, our consecration fulfill!
With the Fire of Commitment and will,
From North to East, This inscription fulfill!
Within the circle All wills be free,
The circle is sealed, So Mote it Be!

Ye Lords of the Eastern Tower,
Airy Lords of Spirit;
Let your influence of Power,
Aid our minds with merit!
I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness these rites and to guard the circle.

Ye Lords of Southern Power
Fiery Lords of Will.
Pray do grace your Tower,
Your Powers to fulfill!
I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness these rites and to guard the circle.

Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the West,
Watery Lords of Death and Initiation;
I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness these rites and to guard the Circle.

Ye Northern Lords of the Earth,
Though we be yet but Mortals;
Bless our work with worth,
Boreas, guardian of Northern portals.
I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness these rites and to guard the Circle.

Goddess and God, I would know,
As 'tis above, so 'tis below
Blessings on this work, please bestow!
This be my will, true and free,
I do so will, so mote it be

Air, Fire, Water, Earth,
Elements of astral birth,
I call you now; attend to me!
In the Circle, rightly cast,
Safe from curse or blast,
I call you now, attend to me!

From cave and desert,sea and hill,
By wand, blade,and pentacle,
I call you now, attend to me!
This Is my will, so mote it be! 

Magickal Tea Time

Friendship Tea
2 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup Tang orange drink
1 cup instant tea
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
3/4 tsp. ground cloves
Add all ingredients to a large bowl
to mix. Stir until blended. Store in
a tightly covered container. Add 2 1/2
to 3 tsps. of tea mixture to hot water.
This also makes a wonderful gift to a
Herbal Infusion in Water:
For leaves, flowers and crushed seeds 

1 cup water
2 tsp. Herb tea
Boil water in a glass, enamel coated or stainless steel pan and take
off the burner. Add the herb tea to the water. Cover, and let it
steep for 10 minutes. Strain into a cup. Can be sweetened with honey.
Cold Infusion:
An easy and energy efficient way to make tea. 
1 qt. Water
3 T. herb
Fill j
LuIgI says:
Cold Infusion:
An easy and energy efficient way to make tea. 
1 qt. Water
3 T. herb
Fill jar with water, add herb tea, and let it sit out or in the
refrigerator overnight. Strain into a clean pitcher.
Herbal Decoction:
For roots, bark, twigs and large seeds. 

1 cup water
2 tsp. Herb tea
Bring water to a simmer. Add herb tea to the water. Cover and let
simmer 10 - 20 minutes. Strain into a cup.
Sun Tea:
Another easy, energy efficient way to make tea. 
1 qt. Water
3 T. Herb tea
Fill a jar with water. Add herbal tea. Let it sit in a sunny spot
outside for at least 4 hours. Strain into a clean pitcher.
Herbal Bath Tea: 
2 cups water
4 tsp. Herb tea
Bring water to a simmer. Add herbal tea to the water. Cover and let
simmer gently for 10 minutes. Strain into bath water.

1 part nettles
1 part peppermint
1 part mullein leaf
1 part comfrey leaf
1/2 part eyebright
1/2 part licorice
1/2 part rosehips
1/4 part marshmallow
1/4 part elder berries
1/4 part hyssop
Mix. Boil. Sweeten if necessary. Drink.

1 part lemon balm
1 part peppermint
1/2 part ginger, dry
1/2 part elder flowers
1/2 part lemongrass
1/2 part yarrow flower
1/4 part Echinacea root
Mix. Boil. Sweeten if necessary. Drink.
1 part dandelion root, roasted
1 part burdock root
1 part chicory root, roasted
1/4 part ginger, dry
1/4 part milk thistle seeds, crushed
1/4 part flaxseeds, crushed
Mix. Boil. Sweeten if necessary. Drink.

4 parts raspberry leaves
1 part chamomile
1/2 part burdock root
1/2 part licorice root
1/4 part dong quai, broken into pieces
Mix. Boil. Sweeten if necessary. Drink.

2 parts lemon balm
1 part chamomile
1/2 part catnip
1/2 part skullcap
1/2 part passionflower
1/4 part St. John's Wort
1/4 part lavender
Stevia to taste
Mix. Boil. Sweeten if necessary. Drink.

2 parts red clover blossoms
1/4 part olive leaf
1 part nettles
1/2 part chickweed
1/4 part fenugreek
1/4 fennel seed
1/4 part licorice
Mix. Boil. Sweeten if necessary. Drink.
Arthritis Salve
1 1/2 oz fresh Mint Leaf
1 1/2 oz crushed fresh Eucalyptus Leaf
1/4 oz crushed dried Bay Leaf
1/2 oz crushed or powdered dried Golden Seal Root
1/2 lb. Vegetable Shortening (in the "old days" lard was used) (if the fresh herbs cannot be found, substitution with dried herbs is OK)
Mixing Directions:
Mix all herbs together. Melt the Vegetable Shortening in a pot on low flame, adding a little at a time to speed the melting process. When all the Shortening has been melted, turn off the fire, and slowly stir in the mixed herbs. When all is mixed well, pour the liquid salve into a jar. DO NOT USE PLASTIC!!! USE GLASS ONLY!!! (plastic will draw out the essence of the herbs...) Cap the jar and refrigerate until the shortening has become a solid again, and is cold. Will keep for about a week.
Directions of Use:
Gather a small amount onto hand and massage onto skin of afflicted joint. Let set for at least one hour. Repeat as necessary.

While I was online I came across this and I thought I would share with you, It has some good ideals.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Last Night

O.K. last night I got some news about joining a coven, I got an e-mail from a High Presstes,  who lives in Las Vegas, she has a student here in San Diego, CA. she ask if she can pass on my e-mail to her student, I haven’t reply yet, but I will soon, so I will keep everyone informed. Then later last night I worked on setting up my alter, It look vary nice, when I get some photo's I'll be posting them here so you can see what I mean, I also made some of my tools, from trash too thresher (I know that I spelled that wrong...I'll fix it when I get on the computer, because I'm doing this from my phone, and when I do that then I will delete this whole paragraph...or I'll just keep the whole thing with the bad spelling...lol)  Anyway! The tool that I made I will be posting some pic. of them here, I was board earlier tonight but I’m not now, I just love to blog, I think that I might start video bogging and start posting them here also, I think that I would love that, I will let you all know so peace for now )0(

I just thought that I would place this photo's of Kilo for some eye candy..lol

My Cookie Shop

My cat is filling a little frisky

It that time to get her fix, I thought that I had more time but I guess I don't she is going around making this funny noise, Poor PusPus...So I have to keep her in the house at all time, and she dosen't like that she just crys at the door, and you can hear the other boy cat out side, smelling her, so may be I will do a spell that will help her get over it faster. blessing )0(

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Sunday and it's full of rain.

Today when I woke-up it was so sunny outnside, but now it's cold and wet, that o.k. Becouse we can use the rain here in San Diego, CA coz everthing is brown, so the rain will bring some nice colors and get raady for spring. Well that is all I have to say for now, untill next time...Blessing )0(

Friday, February 18, 2011

Come join me on World of Witches Museum

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come and join in this wonderful thing..lol
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Been A Long Time, but Im Back!

HELLO! My Friends it fill's like that i've been gone for such a long time, I've been haveing some computer problems it just been so awful not bing able to blogg, but the good news is that im back and do I have a lot of storys too share, so hold on to your brooms coz there is something brewin in my cauldren...lol But really is good to be back, so on that note, I wish all bright love and Happyness with many of the Goddesses Blessing )0(

It's Been a Minute

Wow, it's been a minute since I posted anything here, and I'm so sorry, but I'm back and ready to start this month with a BANG! ...