Sunday, November 11, 2012

Changed my name

I change my name too Amethyst LavenderWolf, not legally, how did I come up with this name, good question, well it came to me when I was meditating, and I did the research to find what properties each one had.

Amethyst – Dreams, Peace, Love, Protection and Happiness.

Lavender – Love, Protection, Longevity, Purification, Peace, Serenity and Happiness.

Wolf – Family, Clan, Teaching, Protection, Intuition and Strength.

And I also got wolf because I’m the crazy dog lady…LOL but dog didn’t sound right, and my new signature color is purple or violet, and its corresponding magickal properties are…

Lavender – peace and Serenity

Violet/purple – Intelligence

So that how I did it….Love It

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