Sunday, November 11, 2012

Changed my name

I change my name too Amethyst LavenderWolf, not legally, how did I come up with this name, good question, well it came to me when I was meditating, and I did the research to find what properties each one had.

Amethyst – Dreams, Peace, Love, Protection and Happiness.

Lavender – Love, Protection, Longevity, Purification, Peace, Serenity and Happiness.

Wolf – Family, Clan, Teaching, Protection, Intuition and Strength.

And I also got wolf because I’m the crazy dog lady…LOL but dog didn’t sound right, and my new signature color is purple or violet, and its corresponding magickal properties are…

Lavender – peace and Serenity

Violet/purple – Intelligence

So that how I did it….Love It

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Wiccan Bag and What I keep in it

This is what my bag looks like and I just wanted to share with you, I keep all of the thing that I will need for the day, you never know just when you need to do a quick spell.

This is what I like to keep in it.
I keep a bottle of spring water, I use a reusable bottle for Tupperware.
I also keep a candle, a white one.
and my tarot cards, a refinance book, so I can look up something if I need too,
I keep a small cauldron, my big one will be to heavy lol,
and some incense, a lighter, and what ever that I think that I will need at the time, it constantly changes but that is what I have in it right now..
So Many Blessing
Blessed Be
Samantha )0(

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Looking for a Coven

I think that it's time for me join a coven, I've been practicing Wicca by myself for the longest time now, I was initiated into a coven when I started to learn, but then I moved and I had to leave my coven, I love being in one, but now that I'm looking to join one here in San Diego, so if anyone has any ideals please let me know, you can e-mail me at Thanks for your time...Blessing...Amethyst )0(

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

101 Budget Ideas for Pagan Crafts and Moments

All of these ideas may seem “normal” do it with a pagan song in your heart and they can bring you closer to the Gods.

1. * meditate.

2. ** paper Mache pagan crafts

3. * water your plants

4. * gaze at the moon

5. * sun bathe

6. *** Visit the zoo

7. ** paint your own runes on rocks

8. *next time you go to the ocean collect some watery sea shells.

9 * walk in the woods.

10.*Talk to the God(dess) of your choice.

11.* Sing or chant

12* dance

13 * beat a drum

14* walk in the rain

15.* pay attention to your dreams

16.* nap

17.* watch a sunrise

18.* gaze at a sunset

19.* learn a form of healing

20.* communicate with a pet

21*-*** Make a wind chime (depending on what you use this can be done with items around the house)

22.* draw pagan inspired art

23.*write a spell

24. * get on the internet and find out about numerology

25.** make a book of hand prints for future use of palmistry ( all you have to do if find some paint and some friends!)

26. * listen and connect with the wind out side

27.* do yoga

28.* learn how to make a fire without a lighter or matches

29.* fly a kite

30*** make your own oils

31***make a tarot box ( find an unfinished box at a craft store that your cards will fit into and decorate)

32** make a pagan calendar

33 * “age paper”

34*-*** garden

35** pamper yourself with a nice salt body scrub


36 *-** Make a sundial for

37 * Celebrate your Father

38*-*** make a lavender pillow

39*-** make Rosewater

40 *-***Make protection amulets for friends and family dispose of last year’s amulet in the Litha bonfire

41 *_**Leave out milk and honey as an offering to the Fae folk

42 *-**Make your own "Green Man" mask.

43 *-**Solar Cross


44** Make Apple Candle Holders

45** Make Vervain Water

46 * Make a berry Bracelet

47* Have a magical picnic and break bread with friends.

48* Read The Grasshopper and the Ant

49 **Bake some bread

50* Share your harvest with others who are less fortunate.

51*** Make Sand candles


52**Make an autumn God’s Eye for Mabon

53**Make Leaf Print Tablecloth

54* Make a paper flower arrangement

55** make animal fruit

56*** make apple sauce

57***make caramel apples

58* try plant divination

59*** winter proof your home


60**bob for apples

61** carve a pumpkin

62*-** Make a witches bottle

63*make grave rubbings

64*-** make a scrying mirror

65 * bury apples in memories of those who passed

66**-*** make pumpkin candles

67*-*** make an ancestor shrine


68*-*** make your own Besoms

69*-*** make your own Yule log

70*-** make a pine cone bird feeder

71*-** make your own pagan inspired greeting cards

72***craft sunshine bells

Welcome Sunshine Bells


Thin Cardboard, Pencil and Scissors, One Light yellow and One Bright Yellow Felt Square (10"x10"), 7 Small Jingle Bells, 12" Gold String or Cord, White Glue, Buttons, Glitter, Sequins.

Help child to draw a circle 7" in diameter, and another circle 7" in diameter with eight 1" triangle rays on the cardboard. Cut out for patterns. Place circle on the light yellow felt square, trace and cut out. Do the same with the "rayed" circle on the bright yellow felt. Using a drinking glass as a guide, trace a circle in the center, on the back side of both felt cut-outs. Carefully fold each circle in half, and make a cut from one side of center circle to the other. Repeat 3 times for a total of 4 cuts per piece. This is how you will get the decoration over the doorknob. Next, line up the circles and the cuts so that the rays extend 1" from behind the light yellow felt circle. Glue together. Allow the child to draw designs on the front of the ornament with glue. Sprinkle with glitter and glue on some sequins and buttons. Cut gold string or cord into three 4" strands. Tie jingle bells (spaced) onto the gold string or cord. Glue string/cord to the bottom of the Sun decoration on the back side. Allow to dry. Place on a doorknob that the bells will jingle as the door is opened and closed. ( Tell children that more than just the sun brightens our lives every day. Explain the way to welcome the Yule sun back into their lives is to keep the brightness in their hearts all year long. Jingle bells make a warm and inviting sound, and therefore should jingle each time someone enters or leaves a room.)

73*-** make a pine cone wreath

74* take a hot bath.

75 ** have a cup of hot cocoa.


76* Spring Cleaning ( My Favorite)

77** Make a Brigit Cross

78*-** make Ice candles.

79* Hang paper snowflakes

80*-** create a bird bath

81** make custard

82 * Enjoy that class of milk.

83 * plan out next the years garden.


84**create scented rocks

85** dye eggs

86*make eggshell chalk

87* blow bubbles

88* make pagan inspired Egg Holders

89*-** make seed paper

90* Pick up litter at your favorite park or beach

91** Make hot cross buns


92** make a mini may-pole

93* Walk the perimeter of your property to check that everything is in good order.

94* make love

95*-*** make a faerie chair

96*-** make a floral Crown

97*-** make a cow puppet

98*press flowers

99*-*** make wedding gifts

100* Gaze at the stars

101! * Love. Love a person like the Goddess and God loves us!   I found this when I was surffing the net. and I thought I would share with you.     Samantha )0(

Another book I read

This is another book that I read it was short but sweet. by Raymond Buckland. it took me only one day to read, that's how short it is, I'm gonna have to put thees book on my bookshelf soon.

Amethyst  )0(

Wow!!! What a Big book you have

I just  got this book from the Library, and boy is it huge, I didn't think that is was going to be so huge, lol if you have it you know what I'm talking about, it's going to take me along time to read so wish me, but kidding aside I've been wanting to read this book for the longest time, so I'm vary exited to get the Chance's to read it, I will let you know how it is....Thanks and Blessings

Amethyst  )0(

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Book That I Just Read

Hi Everyone!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Samhains, as for me it was perfect, now is coming Yule, so I’m very excited about that, but anyway I just finished the book by Silver Ravenwolf (Mind light) I inserted a photo of the book so you can see what it looks like, it’s very informative , and the use of meditations, so if you get the chance check it out, I think that you will like it, Blessing to All

Amethyst  )0(

It's Been a Minute

Wow, it's been a minute since I posted anything here, and I'm so sorry, but I'm back and ready to start this month with a BANG! ...