Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tarot One Card Reading for Dec. 1, 2015

Hello My Beautiful Lovelies,
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withdrawal, indifference dissatisfaction,boredom, daydreaming
This card indicates withdrawal from an emotional situation.  It could e a voluntary withdrawal, such as taking time out to contemplate and meditate on your emotions or an involuntary withdrawal  such as finding yourself tired fo a situation and lacking the emotional resources to proceed.
The key to this card is to remember that the answers and inspiration you need  o go on are available to you.  Be sure that you do not become so absorbed in apathy that you do not see the emotional opportunities available to you. If you have taken time out to contemplate a situation, pay close attention to your dreams and the subtle signs around you.
Sometimes there is a need to withdraw, and the Four of Cups may be advising you to do just that.  The warning here is not to get stuck.Take the time you need to rest and contemplate what has come before, but also use this time to seek inspiration so you can soon continue forward.
Peace, Love & Light
Your Resident Witch
Samantha XOX

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