Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tarot One Card Reading for Dec. 03, 2015

Hello My Love Bunnies;
OK here you go, Enjoy!!
Peace, Love & Light
Your Resident Witch
Samantha XOX
empathetic, receptive, sensitive, introspective, psychic, emotional, loving, dreamer, counselor, mother
This card could represent a person you know or will encounter or some aspect of yourself that is present or to call upon now.
The Queen of Cups is a mature, sensitive, romantic person. She is an empathetic, soothing and kind listener.  She helps others to understand their own emotions.
She is a loving mother.  She gives much to others and may require solitude in order to restore herself.  Being near water restores and inspires her.
She is artistic and visionary.

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