Saturday, March 5, 2011

My New Cauldron

This is my new cauldron that I just perched at this New Age shop, that I just happens to run across when I was out and about in Hillcrest, I can't remember the name of the shop, but as soon as I do you will be the first to know, It's a pretty big one, I was looking for something a little smaller so that I could put it on my alter, but I love this one now, it's perfect!  It's the right size, this is the one that the goddess meant for me to have, Blessed Be!  So now I'm just waiting on the full moon to come so I can do a cauldron blessing, before I do any working with it. I'm so excited! And it has the symbol that I use when I sign my name ( the Goddess symbol), I like that vary much also,   Sammi )0( 

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