Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book of Shadow Blessing

Happy Full Moon Everyone! Tonight I did a Book of Shadow blessing
spell, it was a short and sweet, I found the spell on-line, sorry but
I dont have the link to it becoue I found it on my phone and the link
is to long for me to copy, if it was on the computer then I could copy
and past, but it was on my phone so once agian sorry. Back to my BOS I
finished decorating the cover and as soon I can post the picture I
will, and you know how it is, the next thing you know it that you fill
like changing it to something but I'm not going to anytime
soon, it's not all that but its someting that I did on my own and for
that I think that its vary lovely, its for the Goddess and I know that
she loves it... Well I hope that everyone has a wonderful Full
Moon....Blessing )0(

Sammi Diamond Aldrich

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