Friday, October 8, 2010

Lonely Ghost Story

Narrating ghost stories to children and even your friends, on Halloween, can be a great way to pass time. The stories will also help you make the over-active children sit quiet for sometime. Since Halloween is associated with ghosts and spirits who are known to venture on earth freely on the said night, ghost stories can be perfect to set the right mood. You can also create your own spooky fiction and let your imagination go scarily wild. Tell the story in the dark, for effect and be animated when you are narrating it to a audience. It will make the impact much greater. Here, we will tell you the lonely ghost story, which you can narrate on the occasion of Halloween.

Three middle-aged people were sitting in the library. They were telling ghost stories, trying to outdo each other. A forlorn-looking child was also sitting there, but no one was paying any attention to him. The first one narrated a story of a woman who died when her lover didn’t turn up in the church for their wedding. She waited for hours, all dressed up as a bride, only to realize that he never intended to come in the first place. She ran all the way to a nearby cliff and jumped down. She still haunts the church and many people have seen a lady running all the way to the cliff, dressed as a bride. Many tried to run after her to save her too, but they could never stop her from jumping. Then, naturally, there was no dead body to be found.

The boy was aghast and wild-eyed. Second one told a more ghastly tale of a mother who was buried with her child. She appeared everyday to the milkman and used to snatch a bottle from him and run towards the cemetery. Third day, the milkman ran after her, only to find that she disappeared in a particular grave. He could also hear cries of baby from the grave. He was terrified. He ran back and brought more people with him. When they dug the grave, they found that the child was alive and the dead mother had a half-empty bottle in her hands with the nipple in baby’s mouth.

The boy was very agitated by now. He stood up and started pacing the room. He could not hear more. Before the third man could open his mouth, he suddenly lurched towards the three men and tried to shake them to sense and not talk about such fearful things. But his hands just passed through their bodies. He turned and tried to touch other things, but he kept passing through them. It was then that he realized that he was not some made-up story of these three old-aged men. He was a ghost, a very lonely ghost.

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