Sunday, October 10, 2010

13 Witch Jokes (One for each member of the coven)

13 Witch Jokes

  1. One of the witch's coven gave birth to twins.  The problem arose when the other witches could not tell which witch was witch. 
  2. Member Edna was a dog trainer by day, then by night she went from wags to witches. 
  3. When the coven travelled to an out-of-town gathering, Martha could not make it, she was a poor traveller and phoned in broom sick.
  4. Celia tried to fly to the coven meeting, but her broomstick broke, no worries, she witch-hiked with Sheila.
  5. The other 12 witches asked Gladys why she put her broomstick in the washing machine.  Gladys replied that she wanted a clean sweep.
  6. Ivana kept on climbing up walls so now the other members of the coven call her 'Ivy'.
  7. One day Astrid dropped off at the astrologer's, she wanted to know her horror-scope.
  8. Leslie could not distinguish between Tiny Tina and a stag the coven were chasing.   Betty said, 'It's easy, one is a haunted stag, the other is a stunted hag'.
  9. Celia asked Edna why she carried a pencil sharpener.  'It's to keep my has pointed', came the reply.
  10. When Gladys went to the zoo she bought two tickets.  Leslie asked 'Why?'.  'One to get, and one to get out replied Gladys'.
  11. Astrid asked Ivy where she bought her garden furniture.  'At the Ideal Gnome' exhibition', came the reply.
  12. When ever the coven have a brew up, they always drink their tea from a flying saucer.
  13. What happened when the coven's darts team lost all their matches?  They had a spell in the second division.

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