Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ruby Gloom's

Ruby Gloom's

Keys to Happiness
Written by Clam Lynch

This book is dedicated to you. Thanks you for being my friend.

Hello Friend,

I'd like to share
a few of my thoughts
 with you, i hope these little life lessons brins
as much joy to you as they have to me. Enjoy.
Yours Truly, Ruby Gloom

Everyone has a skeleton in their closet...
I nave seven, and they are
my closest friends.

Misery loves company...
but, to be honest, I avoid her
as much as possible.

Two heads are better than one...
especially when they're both on the same body

You should never eat anything
bigger than your head... or is it your fist?
I can't remember which, but either way,
I always remember to play with my food!

Don't cry over spilled milk...
especially when a friend can help
you clean it up.

Always look on the bright side...
unless the dark side is your
bright side. That's okay, too

Home is where the heart is...
I keep mine in a little box
so it doesn't get broken.

Save yor parade for a rainy day...
it's well worth the wait!

Finders Keepers, losers weepers...
does not mean weepers are losers.

That it

See you next time, friend.

I hope you like this little story, I tought it was cute so I put it in my blog.
Thanks Sammi

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