Friday, April 5, 2013

Llewellyn"s Spell of the Day

Self-Love and Beauty Spell

Spell Date: Friday, April 5, 2013

Color of the day: Rose

Incense of the day: Thyme

The Romans held Fridays sacred to Venus, goddess of love and beauty. The Greeks believed Friday was Aphrodite's day. This is the day for a love and beauty spell - not "outside" love but rather "inside" love, self-love.
Gather your favorite clothes, a piece of meaningful jewelry (magically charged, if possible), a hairbrush, and an anointing oil (jasmine or rose, for full love effect).
Stand in front of a mirror and gaze at yourself, intoning:

"I love myself as I am beautiful inside and out."

Apply scented oil.

"I'm anointed by Love's sacred care."

Lovingly brush your hair.

"I stroke my Strong spirit."

Put on your favorite clothes.

"Cloaked in Love's protection, I glow."

Add jewelry.

"Magic is mine, within and without."

Fully anointed and dressed up, go out and enjoy yourself, knowing that self-love is more important than other love, and true beauty comes from within.

II posted this because I thought that it a fabulous spell to share with you all. Blessing )0(

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