Monday, February 21, 2011

Last Night

O.K. last night I got some news about joining a coven, I got an e-mail from a High Presstes,  who lives in Las Vegas, she has a student here in San Diego, CA. she ask if she can pass on my e-mail to her student, I haven’t reply yet, but I will soon, so I will keep everyone informed. Then later last night I worked on setting up my alter, It look vary nice, when I get some photo's I'll be posting them here so you can see what I mean, I also made some of my tools, from trash too thresher (I know that I spelled that wrong...I'll fix it when I get on the computer, because I'm doing this from my phone, and when I do that then I will delete this whole paragraph...or I'll just keep the whole thing with the bad  Anyway! The tool that I made I will be posting some pic. of them here, I was board earlier tonight but I’m not now, I just love to blog, I think that I might start video bogging and start posting them here also, I think that I would love that, I will let you all know so peace for now )0(

I just thought that I would place this photo's of Kilo for some eye

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