Monday, December 6, 2010

Wondering what To Do Next

So I'm here lyeing on My bed thinking what I can do next for Yule, I put up my tree as you can see, and I think that it look fab. So I was thinking that I should make a Yule Log!, but there's one problme with that I don't have a, do you need a fireplace to have a Yule Log? I'm going to have to look that up, I'll do that tommarow, but if there anyone out there who knows plese let me know...Thanks inadvance..Well it's getting late here, It's 1:50 am it's time to call it a night...Many Blessing To All and Good-Nite )0(


Iesadora said...

You don't need a fireplace, just drill some holes and put candles in it and burn those. =D

sswtkl601 said...

I found your blog when I was searching for things to do for yule and figured I'd send you this link on how to make a yule log when no fireplace is available.

Sammi the Witch said...

Thank You My love and Ripples In Water I'm going to what you said..Thank Shug :)