Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Wand

To day I created my magical wound, I got the ideal from The Domestic Witch, her blog is full of information on Wicca and things you can use and make, so you should visit her site.I made my wand from an old three branch that fell to the ground on our last bad storm, what I did was I sand it smooth and added varnish to give it a nice shine, then I put some magical symbols on it to give it more power, I didn't put a crystal on top because it is too small on the tip. ( The photo is not a picture of my wand, i'll replace the picture when I get one.) but I put that photo just to give you some ideals about how simple a wand can be, you can a fancy one or a simple one it's up to you, I hope that this was informative for you, with all the Goddess Blessings  )0( ( the pic. is now my wand...Thanks)

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