Sunday, October 9, 2016

Explore the Seasons and How We Connect With Them.

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Hello My Beautiful Lovelies,
I'm sending everyone some October Blessing. This is one of my favorite seasons, the leaves start changing into the wonderful Fall colors, and the beef stews and hot chocolate is in the slow cooker, (But not together, that would be strange. I think? LOL) And did you know that you can make hot cider in your slow cooker too, I'll post the recipe soon. But what I was trying to say before I got off subject. LOL. I love all of the seasons because each of them has a special feeling, It's what make that season special in it own way.

Let's try an experiment,
1. Right down each of the seasons ( Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall )
2. Right down next to the season, how you feel when you think about that season. 
( Happy, Joyful, Sad, Hopeful, and Ect. ) You get the picture. 
3. Last but not least, Righ down what you think about when you think about that season.

You can take your time with this, this is about getting connected with your inner self, and exploring You and Your feelings. and right now We're going to explore the seasons and how We connect with them.
And then next week We're going to work on how we can use this information in Our magickal workings. Stay tuned for that.
And with that said, I'll be here tomorrow for the Samhain countdown, and a whole lot More fun thing to come.

Samantha )0(
Your Resident Witch
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