Thursday, October 22, 2015

It Was Freezing

Hello My Friends;

It is still a wonderful day here in San Rafael, CA. The sun is out and it’s starting to get warm. Honey’s it was freezing this morning; I could have used some gloves and a scarf. Yes Sweeties, it was that cold for me but once again it turned out to be beautiful day. Thanks you Goddess, but unfortunately I’m going to have to get used to it because when I move to Reno, NV. It even gets colder there, it even freaking snows there. But until then my skinny butt is going to enjoy this warmness.What do I have planned for today? I’m just going to work on some of my online stuff, like updated, stuff that needs to be updated, nothing too exciting. So that what I’m doing for today, I hope you all are doing wonderful, and I’ll talk to you later, I’m sending you all of my love and positive energy. Until next time XOX

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