Friday, August 6, 2010

Some thing from My new School

Beginning Wicca

And I make this pledge to you in return.
For the lesser knowledge which can be taught,
I will be your teacher.
For the greater knowledge which must be discovered,
I will be your guide and friend.
For the questions and perplexities of the path,
I will be your companion,
To answer when I may
Or simply be silent as you seek your own answers.
And when the time comes to choose
Whether you will enter the priesthood,
I will share with you
All I have observed and thought,
And may the Gods prosper our work together.

Know that although I am your primary teacher, this Circle is not made of the two of us alone. All here are dedicated to the Old Ways and each has unique knowledge. All of us learn from and with each other. You too bring the learning of a lifetime and the fresh insight of a beginner’s questions. Together we are more than the simple sum of each of us alone.
~Athrawon's Personal Book of Shadows

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