Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ritual of the Day

Sun Mantra Ritual

March 7

Color of the day: Yellow

Incense of the day: Juniper

According to vedic astrological gem remedies, ruby is governed by the Sun, a planetary deity representing the male or father principle. The Sun’s color is blood red. Its nature is bile-dominated, and it presides over the east direction. The Sun is responsible for our immunity and physical makeup. It is also said to govern the brain, nerves, liver, lungs, heart, and bones. For gaining self-confidence, vitality, resistance, ambition, understanding of parapsychic phenomena, intellect, prosperity, success in worldly affairs, and strength, the Sun’s gems are worn after sanctification and repetition of the Sun’s mantra:

Om Hring Hamsah Suryaye Namah Om.

For horoscopes where the Sun is not well posited, it is advisable to perform “Mantra Yoga” by reciting the Sun’s mantra 108 times daily for a period of thirty days. Incense and tealight candles can be lit during mantra recital. Begin by clearing all mundane thoughts and breathing in a relaxed manner.

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